Email Enrichment Services

An email and audience data collection firm. 

What we do

 Espectr is a service that assists businesses and individuals in finding valuable insights in their email lists and databases. We provide high quality analysis with a low minimum email count, so anyone can use our services, big or small.



Our technical features take typically complex non-social data, and reveal its utility.

Breach Origin
Accounts owned
Temporary Email Filter
Leaked Passwords
Social Presence
Provider count


Our social features give an overview of emails and their owners with data from social networks.

Find common connections in your data to thoroughly understand in both raw and visual form whom to market to.

Avoid all the complications that data collection and analysis create with an approach that brings simple but powerful analytics.

Many types of data are combined to give actionable insights into any kind of audience.

Use of features

Email Verification

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Email verification finds all valid emails in your lists so that you can accurately assess how many emails you have. The main benefit is avoiding wasting money on dead leads or overestimating your contacts.

Accounts Owned

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Any accounts associated with an email that are within our monitoring list which includes Amazon, Discord, and GitHub are given to you. Accounts can show niches that were impossible to identify or trends amongst leads, which helps you make better decisions about marketing.

Social Presence

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Find data in your mailing list so that you are able to target a social media platform or concept for better engagement with your audience.


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this provides an overview for both the average person in your email lists and each individual using technical and social features. Get a general understanding of who your audience is without an excessive investment.

Provider Count

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This feature shows how many emails are registered to traditional providers such as Gmail and how many are custom or associated with a website, which can be used to identify contacts at scale that are related to businesses. 

Temporary Email Filtering

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Temporary emails are everywhere, they are used to make accounts, signup for services, and even send emails but unfortunately clog many email lists and create false pretences that result in exaggerated costs.

Leaked Passwords

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As a Business you have to understand how strong your employees Security is because with rising amounts of cyberattacks, one vulnerable email can be the cause for an entire breach. By reviewing which emails are exposed, you can plan and remediate before major losses occur.

Breach Origin

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Breach Origin shows where and when any emails that have been involved in password leakages were leaked. This can be used to get an idea of how old an email is and to understand what niches or groups those on your email list may be a part of.

⠀ ⠀FAQ

Where can i find pricing?

In order to get a quote you must contact us, include the quantity of emails, what features you would like to include and the time frame you want to complete the request in. 

What makes you different?

We offer a pick and choose system, you can have all of our features or simply one, whatever you desire. Our features are also unique themselves with some such as our system for demographics being one of one. Finally, our service is updated consistently to outpace the market unlike other companies that are often stagnant or overly expensive for basic processes such as verification.

How long does a order take?

Order completion times, like pricing, vary depending on quantity of emails and features meaning that this question would be answered on a case by case basis through contact.

How can i get a demo?

In order to get a demo you must fill out the contact form and answer follow up questions regarding your use of our product, after which a demo would be sent to your email. 

What's the minimum amount of emails I can enrich?

The minimum amount of emails we can enrich is 50. We keep this number low so that many people can use our services, but, anything lower would lead to system slow downs.


    We do not offer mobile access to our webpage.